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  1. What is a cellar door

    Posted: April 29 2015

    The cellar door is more an historical term. When wineries began dispensing wine samples from their premises it was usually from the wine cellar where all the wine was stored either as packaged bottles or in oak barrels. So the term cellar door emerged. These days whilst cellar door is the term used, the wine […]

  2. The 3 biggest mistakes when tasting wine

    Posted: April 29 2015

    1. Having preconceived ideas about the wines you like and not being open to what is on offer. 2. Not taking advantage of cellar door staff knowledge or tasting notes. 3. Swallowing the wine without smelling (or nosing) and without allowing it to coat all your taste buds. How to get the best out of […]

  3. 5 things to do on a wine tour

    Posted: April 29 2015

    1. Be open to tasting all the wines on offer. Wine comes in so many varieties, and a wine tour is all about opening yourself up to new tastes and even smells. Your experience can vary greatly depending on the region, so take this chance to experience something outside your comfort zone and sample the […]

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